Voyager à Turin : Fondation Mario Merz avec Marisa E Mario Merz et Botto&Bruno


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Jusqu’au 12 août 2016

MARISA E MARIO MERZ. Sto in quella curva di quella montagna che vedo riflessa in questo lago di vetro. Al tavolo di Mario


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Botto&Bruno. Society, you’re a crazy breed         09.03.2016 | 19.06.2016

March 9   June 19, 2016

curated by Beatrice Merz and Maria Centonze

Fondazione Merz presents Society, you’re a crazy breed a new project by artists Botto&Bruno conceived as one large installation that relates to the exhibition space, and particularly focuses on its symbolic value as an abandoned industrial building converted into a cultural venue.

The exhibit – starting with its title, taken from Eddie Vedder’s song “Society” from the “Into the Wild” soundtrack – is a sort of cry to reflect upon the future of our society and its contemporary madness, which tends to reset memory to create a present without history, a present that is built on ruins. To quote Marc Augé: “Future history will no longer produce ruins. It does not have the time for them”.


Source : Textes et photos site de la fondation Mario Merz